atipaxx.dll Error Solution

The atipaxx.dll module is installed along with other drivers associated with the HDTV video card designed by AMD. The atipaxx.dll module is necessary for the proper functioning of the graphics card control panel. Without it you may not be able to adjust color, brightness, and other monitor characteristics via software methods.

Even though the atipaxx.dll module has not been the target of any hacks or other related issues it may not function properly on systems running Windows XP. For the most part you will need to find a copy of the atipaxx.dll module that is version 6.14 or higher. In addition the updated version may not work properly on your system.

It may be necessary to download a version that is designed specifically to work with Windows XP. It is unknown at this stage if Windows Vista users are having the same problems.

If you need to obtain an updated copy of atipaxx.dll you can try visiting the author’s website. When searching for a copy from a DLL archive site you will need to make sure that you are getting the same DLL that is listed in the download description. Unfortunately you may have to download the atipaxx.dll module first and then right click on it to review the version number listed in ‘Properties’.

As with many other hardware components many computer users prefer AMD products to Intel ones. Even though there may be some conflicts between the Windows OS and these devices you should be able to find updated drivers and other patches that will resolve the issue. While this process can be annoying once solved you can look forward to all of the stability and rewards associated with AMD products.

Atipaxx.dll is created by:

ATI Technologies Inc.

 ATI Support Site

Known file path:

C:\Program Files\ ati technologies\ ati control panel\ atippaxx.dll

What is a DLL?

Your operating system comes pre-installed with Microsoft DLL’s and most third party programs also install DLL’s.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept. Meaning there’s a DLL library on your computer and each DLL can be shared among different Microsoft and third party programs. This shared library method helps your computer run faster by having fewer operations running at the same time.

When a DLL is missing or corrupt it may show an error message and programs may fail or crash.

Because DLL’s are shared, one missing or corrupt DLL may affect multiple programs on your computer.

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