The d3dx9_28.dll file is part of DirectX software from Microsoft DirectX 9. DirectX is mainly used by games. However, it can be used with a number of other video programs. Some CAD and CAM engineering programs will use DirectX technology.

DirectX has been installed on al Windows platforms since Windows 98.

Error Summary:
The d3dx9_28.dll error is a known registry error. This error will prevent DirectX from working properly. This could mean your game does not look right or your game could crash altogether. In any case, you will want to correct this error so your graphics will work properly.

You can resolve the error in a number of ways. You can remove it manually by following the instructions below or remove it using a registry cleaner.

A registry cleaner, like ZookaWare PC Cleaner, will remove the error in a matter of minutes. Not only will ZookaWare PC Cleaner resolve the d3dx9_28.dll error but it will fix every other registry error on your computer as well. This means your computer will be running like new again. Since ZookaWare PC Cleaner comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you can rest assured that it does everything it promises to do.

Manual Removal Instructions:
Warning: You should not download the d3dx9_28.dll file by itself. Although many sites offer this as a solution, it can harm your computer. It is not a good idea.

First, if you have already downloaded the file by itself, you will want to remove before starting. The directions below will help you with that as well.

•    Restart your computer.
•    Install Microsoft DirectX9 form the official DirectX website.
•    Since Microsoft often will put out updates for DirectX without it being a new version, make sure you install the latest release even if you have the latest version.
•    Windows Vista users may have DirectX 10 on the computer. You still need to download DirectX 9. They can both run on Windows. Therefore, there is no need to worry about getting an older version.
•    If you are still having problems, then check the CD the game comes with. This CD may have a better release than the online version. Therefore, you might want to install that version.
•    Uninstall the last game you installed on your computer through the Add/Remove or Uninstall feature of Windows. Then reinstall the game.
•    Finally, update your video card drivers. Occasionally, it is an incompatible driver that causes the error and updating the driver will cure the d3dx9_28.dll error.

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