The h-stat.prm file is the Info Palette plugin for Adobe Premiere from Adobe Systems Incorporated.  Adobe Premiere is Adobe’s video editing program.  This program allows users to edit clips of video at home.  With this plugin, when a user selects a clip, they can use the Info Palette to view more information about the clip.

Plugins add tools to a program, and plugins for Adobe Premiere usually have a prm extension.  While other software companies create some plugins for Premiere, this plugin was created by Adobe and included in the Adobe Premiere 6.0 release.

Windows keeps track of plugins and other pieces of installed programs with the registry (a database of the locations) and uses files on your computer. The registry is updated whenever you add or remove a program, and some programs update their registry entries when they are run.

Outdated registry entries can lead to errors. ZookaWare PC Cleaner cleans up your registry, finding and fixing 100% of the errors, so you can edit your videos without worry.

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