The file l1wben01.dll is used by the Lotus Bento Container Manager created by Lotus Development Corporation.  A bento container is a piece of code that allows multiple entities to store data inside it. It takes its name from the Japanese bento box, which is a way to store and transport multiple types of food.

The code does a similar action in computer terms, storing and transporting multiple types of data for one or more computer programs. This dynamic link library is part of the code that manages the bento containers.  To fix an error with this dll, you should start by cleaning your computer’s registry.

Your registry is how Windows keeps track of the code installed on your machine. The registry has entries for every piece of program and attempts to keep those entries updated while you add and remove applications. Sometimes entries get outdated.

Run ZookaWare PC Cleaner to update and clean your registry. ZookaWare PC Cleaner scans your computer to find and fix any errors in your registry.  So you can go have your bento lunch, instead of worrying about your bento code.

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