The p2glpcmcvrt.ax file belongs to CyberLink LPCM Converter Filter (LPCMCvrt.ax) that works with Power2Go from CyberLink Corp.  Power2Go is a program that helps users to burn discs using any media they want.

An ax file is a filter for a codec (coder-decoder), and helps to translate digital data into formats that can be used by your computer.  An issue with this file may mean that Power2Go cannot convert certain file types that you want to save to disc.

Fixing this problem may require a complete reinstallation of the CyberLink software, but you should try to solve the issue by cleaning your registry first.

The registry is the database at the heart of Windows that tracks all the files installed on your computer.  When you run a program, Windows checks the registry to find all the files that belong to the program and how to use them.

A mistake in even one entry for one file might break the program, stopping you from being able to use it.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner cleans your registry of mistakes.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner finds and fixes every error in your registry, getting your programs back up and running.

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