xpcom.dll Information

What is a DLL?

 DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library and is a file that contains computer code and resources that can be used by several programs at the same time. DLL files allow programers to make changes and add features to their programs by reusing the same code contained in the DLL.

A large portion of software depends on DLL files in order to function properly and when a DLL file is damaged or lost it will cause system errors and program crashes.

 What is xpcom.dll?

 Xpcom.dll was developed as an application extension for programs developed to work with the internet. Xpcom.dll is used frequently by the Mozilla Foundation for programs such as their internet browser Firefox and their email client Thunderbird. Xpcom.dll is also used by some office oriented programs like word processors, presentation software, and spreadsheets.

Xpcom.dll is connected to the function that allows the Firefox browser to play internet features like streaming audio and video clients.

 Suggested fix if you are receiving xpcom.dll errors:

 DLL files are an important part of most programs so when they are corrupted or missing it often leads to poor system performance or system crashes. To fix these problems the damaged or missing DLL file must be replaced with a working version. Another fix for this problem is to completely uninstall Mozilla Firefox and do a clean installation.

Xpcom.dll is created by:

Mozilla Foundation

Known file path:

C:\program files\mozilla firefox\xpcom.dll

C:\program files\mozilla thunderbird\xpcom.dll

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