Advanced Antivirus 2008 Is Extremely Harmful

Advanced Antivirus 2008 will appear helpful but will actually cause more harm than you ever imagined. This program is a rogue security program. These programs pretend to be able to scan and remove malicious software (malware) and will look convincing. However, they will actually download malware onto your computer without your knowledge or approval instead. How can this be? Simple, let’s go over it all.

You will be surfing the internet and a pop up ad for Advanced Antivirus 2008 will come up warning you about your system safety. This will not look like a pop up ad, but will try to blend to look like a system feature of your computer. These programs will do whatever they can to convince you to trust them. This often includes a wide variety of cleaver graphics and features that mimic an operating system.

The pop up will use very convincing language in order to perpetuate a sense of fear with users. We are likely to react if words such as danger and threat are thrown at us. Mix in the word free and all odds are against you. The program will offer you a free scan of your computer in order to determine if their sense of danger is real. However, this free scan will give them access and permission to download their program. The worst part of all of this is that the download will not be apparent to you. We often feel in control of our internet and computer use these days because everyone has become so technologically aware. However, these programmers take advantage of this preconceived notion and trick us this way.

Once you click ok to the free scan, the malware will be downloaded. The scan will come back with several programs that are dangerous to your computer. Once you have a list of all of the programs that they deem to be a danger to your computer, they will offer a full version of their program to remove the dangerous programs for a fee. Advanced Antivirus 2008 cannot scan or remove malware. Your money will just be contributing to their bank accounts.

You will notice a difference immediately because this program will then show up every time you turn on your computer. It will pop up with so called security alerts so often that it will drastically slow down the speed of your computer. Your computers settings will also be readjusted in order to take you to websites and new pop up ads. The most dangerous part of this all is that the program can transmit your personal data that you either type into your computer or have stored. This information will be used to make them more of a profit without you knowing.

But do not cry over spilled milk. Spyzooka can eliminate this program for you. It can be so difficult for you to remove these programs by yourself, but Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee on their services and have so many satisfied customers.

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