Advertbar – Not As Benign As It Appears!

Advertbar is a cluster of programs that are classified as browser helper objects, which affixes itself to Internet Explorer and uses its processes to promote its own advertisements, which are typically popups that are entirely unsolicited but are based on your browsing habits, which it has been monitoring to determine just what you’d like to see. It also has been known to include the MessageMates software from Adtools. These ads can appear very safe in nature, sometimes using images like the animals from Ice Age (2002), the animated movie and more in their attempts to lure clicks to their ads.

Advertbar installs files on the system, as well as a unique identifier in the registry. When you close the application, Advertbar will go out and try and contact remote servers, sending more of your personal surfing preferences and information to third party servers who have an interest in exploiting your personal information.

At its heart Advertbar is an advertising spyware application. It is a pay-per-click toolbar that entices surfers to install Advertbar so it can get paid when the ads that are shown are clicked upon. It usually self-installs as a part of freeware bundles, and has been seen utilizing ActiveX drive-by downloads to gain hidden access to your computer. The Advertbar toolbar displays continuous ads whenever your computer is active.

In order to rid yourself of this nuisance you’d be best advised to get a good antispyware software solution like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. You could spend days or weeks trying to find every last shred of this adware once it has permeated your machine. Don’t you have better, more productive ways to spend your time? Better to let a pro like ZookaWare PC Cleaner handle it and get on with your computing life!

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