.CPush.AC Is Also Known As .Adclicker

This is a nasty one, a really nasty one. If you have it, you must get rid of it now. BitDefender calls it .CPush.AC, AVG calls it .Puper.H, and Symantec calls it .Adclicker. By whatever name, this is not just simple adware. It is fully in the category of malware, and is a high security risk if not for you, then it is for someone else, and it may put the smoking gun in your lap.

On your part, it can be merely the standard adware infection. It can install itself on your computer. It can rummage through your files to find telling information about your Internet habits. It can send these files to another computer, or server, so they can be processed and filed away. This remote computer can send you advertisements in the form of popups and imbedded banners in your webpages. In this case, there are ads for an “AntiSpam” program called “SlimShield.” That’s irritating enough, but there’s more. Isn’t there always?

You may start to notice that your e-mail, your IP address, or your website might be getting blocked by your ISP. This is because someone is using this program to its full and dangerous potential. They have hijacked your computer, and are using it to make fraudulent clicks on someone’s Google Adsense or Adwords account. Guess where the authorities are going first to figure out what’s going on?

Even should that worst case scenario be avoided and you’re not being framed for someone else’s crime, you will still have troubles to deal with once infected. Aside from the overt annoyance of popups and banner ads, you will notice that your computer will be operating more slowly. This is because this program is operating otherwise unseen on your computer, creating new registry keys for the advertisements that it spits out at you. Program operations take a computer’s running memory to operate. While this program is operating, there’s less memory available for other applications, and it will snatch up and hold onto every bit of memory it can. Adware is greedy, and it will bully other programs for operation preference.

So, what ends up happening is that most of your programs will at the very least, take longer to load and run. Some of the larger ones, especially the Internet browsers, may even lock up while they’re running, leaving you with an error message and a pulsing vein on your forehead. All in all, this adware’s just some nasty business.

It’s my recommendation to not wait until you’re infected to get the absolute best spyware service you can. Sometimes, as with this program, you can find yourself in trouble before you fix the problem. Don’t get caught like this. Find the best program while you can do it with a clear head.

I recommend ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It is constantly in search of new spyware definitions to add to its library. Literally, within minutes of a spyware’s initial launch, we will have a fix for it. That’s why we have the 100% removal guarantee, and that’s why we’re the only ones with such a guarantee.

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