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I developed a product that I am quite proud of. Spyzooka was years in the making and the efforts I put into its creation are now available in the form of the best product of its kind. Here is some background on why I developed Spyzooka:  I am an avid computer user, meaning that I use my computer in every facet of my life. At home and work, I am nearly inseparable from my computer. The extended hours which I log on my computer means that I have had the personal experience of encountering many malicious types of software. At first I thought it was just a fluke that I was having so many problems but I came to realize that malicious software is in abundance out in cyberspace and it is almost unavoidable that one will have several encounters with it as they use computers. It was from this realization that my frustration was born. And this frustration led me to create a solution for individuals with infected systems. Spyzooka is the solution which I am referring to. One of the more prevalent types of malicious software these days goes by the name of EvidenceEraser. Take a moment to read up on EvidenceEraser so that you may understand what must be done should you come across it in your journeys.

EvidenceEraser purports to erase any and all of your computer activity. I suppose the first question here is why would you want to erase your computer activity? There may be some legitimate reasons to be provided here, but it seems that in most instances only those who engage in questionable activity would be concerned about deleting their computer activity. However, EvidenceEraser finds its way on to many unsuspecting individual’s computers without their consent. In other words, even those who do not pay for a download of EvidenceEraser sometimes find that EvidenceEraser has installed itself on their system.

Here is what happens to all too many people: They are using their computer, just like any other day, when a pop up from EvidenceEraser presents itself on their computer screen. This generally means that EvidenceEraser has installed itself on the system and has already begun inflicting damage. Once the messages begin, they grow ever more incessant and continuous in nature. If EvidenceEraser has installed itself on your computer you will hardly be able to use your system without receiving a number of messages trying to persuade you into purchasing its full download. EvidenceEraser uses manipulative tactics which include reporting false positives in an effort to persuade you into making the purchase.

Do not purchase the full download of EvidenceEraser! By giving EvidenceEraser your credit card number you are placing your personal information into the hands of crooks. What you need to do is have EvidenceEraser removed from your system, but doing so may be more complicated than you believe.

You will most likely require assistance removing EvidenceEraser from your system. This is where Spyzooka comes in. I personally guarantee that Spyzooka will remove every trace of EvidenceEraser from your system.

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