Extra Antivirus Removal

Extra Antivirus is a rogue antispyware application that is advertised as a security software for Windows. It claims to have many tools and uses, a firewall, and to protect against malware and other threats. This fake usually installs through a Trojan virus, unbeknownst to the user. Like most other bogus antispyware programs, Extra Antivirus displays numerous alerts to users warning of severe threats and infections. This is a ploy to get innocent people to pay for and download a totally useless product. Malicious applications like this pose a real threat to the health of your PC and personal security.

Extra Antivirus File Content:

ExtraAV.exe chkdisk.dll

Recommended Action:  Remove at Once

While manual removal of Extra Antivirus may be possible, it is not recommended. You must kill all running processes and related files, which is not easy to accomplish. Only a professional should attempt manual removal. Related files are hidden from the user, making it nearly impossible to locate and remove dangerous files. If all related files are not deleted, Extra Antivirus will re-install upon start up.

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