Heard of Spyware Knight? It’s Not a Good Thing

Maybe you have heard of anti-spyware programs, maybe not. If you haven’t there is a lot of information you need to know in case your computer ever becomes infected with spyware. There are some good software programs out there to help you get rid of your problem, but Spyware Knight is not one of them!

You may be asking “what the heck is spyware?” It is a collection of parasites, viruses and infections that get placed on your pc, usually without your knowledge. When it does affect your computer, you will know it. Slower performance and increased pop up ads are two signs that you may be a victim. Spyware Knight is very aggressive with ads and begs you to download. Do not do it!  Don’t buy into this hoax.

How does your computer get infected with spyware to begin with? Criminals create software for the purpose of making you think that you have infections (usually false positives). They then offer their anti-spyware program to clean up your computer, but to actually get rid of the parasites you have to pay for the program. They take your money and run, leaving your pc in as bad or worse condition than before.

Spyware is sometimes installed on your computer anonymously, but usually comes from downloaded files or suspicious websites you have visited. This is why it is so important not to download anything when you are online, unless you know it is from a trusted source. Use caution when online!

There are many hoax software programs out there that claim to clean up spyware, some worse than others. Spyware Knight actually does get rid of weaker infections on your pc, but doesn’t clean up the more vicious threats and parasites. It actually does nothing at all to protect your personal information and privacy, so it is really useless.

Different types inflict different levels of threats and damage to your pc, so be careful, and do your best not to get it in the first place. This program is illegally distributed, and is a clone of Spy Soldier. If you are infected with spyware, you should find a reputable program to remove it, and do it as soon as possible to prevent further infection.

How can you know if you have malware or other malicious parasites installed on your pc? If you begin noticing that your computer is acting sluggish or are barraged by pop-up ads, you may have a problem. Your computer can actually be so badly affected that it will crash! Beware of these symptoms, and do something ASAP when you notice any.

When it comes to programs like Spyware Knight, be very careful. Never click on any program that pops up and promises to clean up the infections or threats on your pc. There are many bogus anti-spyware downloads out there, so be warned. Do your research, and use only the best, most reputable program you can find to keep your computer and your personal business private and in order!

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