Important Spyware Profile for Afris.Downloader

Afris.Downloader, which may also be known as the Afris Trojan, is a Trojan that generally becomes installed automatically with other types of spyware.  The Afris.Downloader downloads pornographic content after its execution, traveling to pornographic websites without opening a browser, and subsequently drops the unwanted content into the temporary files of the user.  These files may also contain additional viruses and adware.
Afris.Downloader is distributed to computer systems through a stealth install.  This Trojan cannot be removed with an antivirus, but requires good antispyware to be eradicated.
It is strongly recommended that the Afris.Downloader application be immediately removed from any computer system.  Spyzooker is a good choice.

Also Known As:
AfrisDownloader, Afris Downloader, Afris Trojan, AfrisTrojan, Afris.Trojan

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2 Responses

  1. Janne Backer says:

    This was the third time when my computer is infected with Afris.Downloader. Since I’ve found SpyZooka to remove it, it never appeared again. Thank you!

  2. Georgina Wallace says:

    I have XP Home Edition and ran SpyZooka. The program detected and removed Afris.Downloader just easily.

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