Micro Antivirus 2009 Is Only Out To Harm You

When you come across Micro Antivirus 2009, please do not believe its claims.  This program is a rogue anti-spyware program that will pretend to get rid of malicious software (malware), but will instead take your perfectly good computer and give you malware.

Trojan horses bring this program to you through video codecs that are essential to play certain movies online.  The Trojan horses are tagged onto the download that you actually need.  You download the video codecs, and shortly after you are bombarded with several security warnings from Micro Antivirus 2009.  Unlike some other rogue anti-spyware software that will be direct and lure you with a free scan of your computer system, Micro Antivirus 2009 will seem to come out of nowhere.  The security warnings are there to scare you into buying the full version of their product, which claims to get rid of malware that they have found.  This program is not capable of scanning for or removing malware, so do not be fooled.

So, you are on your computer and are getting so many security alerts urging you to purchase Micro Antivirus 2009 to get rid of your malware.  First of all, if you are seeing this warning, you already have malware from the Micro Antivirus 2009, so don’t buy the software.  This program cannot remove malware or scan for it; it can only download their own malware to your computer.

This program is actually a clone of another fake security program called MS Antivirus.  These programs will slow down your computer with all of their fake security alerts and have the potential to steal your credit card information and any other bits of personal information that may make them more money off of you.

Malware was not simply invented to slow down your computer.  However, this is what will be readily noticeable to you.  The real damage is done through using your personal information for harm.  Even if you do not keep private information stored on your computer, these malware programs can often keep a log of your key strokes to get any information that you might type into your computer during online purchases, or while you are filling out any other type of form online.

At this point, you need to contact a reliable company to get rid of Micro Antivirus 2009.  Spyzooka has been getting rid of these malware programs and pleasing customers again and again.

You may be a computer whiz, but the Micro Antivirus 2009 program hides in your hard drive.  So even if you go through to delete the files one by one, you will always miss one or two, or maybe more!  Spyzooka knows exactly how to get rid of these pesky malware programs and will help you out.  With a 100% guarantee of their services, Spyzooka will not let you down.  With your personal information on the line, you need a reliable way of getting rid of this malware.  So don’t delay or hesitate, call in the experts!

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