Msantispyware 2009 is Not a Microsoft Product

Among rogue security tools, MSantispyware 2009 is one of the most devious.  However, it’s not terribly unique in that corrupt security programs have for many years tried to present themselves as a Microsoft product.  This goes way back to XP Defender and continues on to this program, XP Antivirus, and so on.

MSantispyware 2009 works on the basic assumption that most people are uninformed about how real antispyware programs work.  They would have you believe that they’re on the Internet, watching your every move and will come to the rescue when you get infected.

This is just not the case.  No software exists that actually can do this.  The problem with MSantispyware 2009 and its fellow Microsoft wannabes is that it can be believed that it was already installed on your computer, and that it jumps to help you when you get infected.  Again, this isn’t how it would work.

If Microsoft’s operating systems came with an antispyware program, it would act like a real one.  It wouldn’t let you go to infected pages or make infected downloads.  You wouldn’t be informed of an infection, because it wouldn’t let it happen.

Also, it would come equipped to remove the programs it identified.  There would be no paying for a full or registered version.  Furthermore, all updates would happen either behind the scenes, if you have automatic updates set on, or you would be able to do the updating at their home page.

You also wouldn’t be redirected to some webpage other than Microsoft’s update page to do this.  It wouldn’t have a slick looking sales page.  When it comes down to it, it’s not really all that hard to see that it’s not a Microsoft product.

Additionally, you would in all likelihood have a desktop icon for the real antispyware program.  MSantispyware 2009 doesn’t have any of these things.  This program is nothing but trouble.

All you really get with MSantispyware 2009 is a bundle of spyware programs and a shell of an antispyware program.  It starts off with opening the Trojan called Zlob Downloader.  This in turn gives you a pop up that supposedly warns you about a massive infection.  Then, a Browser Hijacker takes you to its home page, where they try to finish the scam.

If you buy MSantispyware 2009, all you get is the junk antispyware program.  It might be able to clean some spyware, but it would only cover a few of them, and it doesn’t update.  It’s a waste of money, and now you’re exposed to possibly having your identity stolen.

Save your money.  Real antispyware programs are at least half the price of MSantispyware 2009.  They will also save you a lot of grief.

This is where ZookaWare PC Cleaner excels.  It’s inexpensive compared to many other programs.  Better than that, though is our 100% removal guarantee.  That’s right, we WILL remove all of your spyware.  We have a scanning robot that searches the Internet constantly for new spyware.  Within minutes of a new release, you’re protected.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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