Privacy Commander Will Try To Command You to Waste Your Money

Privacy Commander is yet another strain of the corrupt security tool plague.  It will use scare tactics and intimidation on you.  It will make you think things like your computer is about to crash.  It will tell you that you have the largest malware infection in history.

It will then tell you that it can help.  That it will clean up your infection.  It lies to you.  Privacy Commander has only one goal:  It wants your money, and won’t give anything in exchange.

Rogue security tools like Privacy Commander are altogether too common of a problem on the Internet.  They paint for you a fantasy world where there are Internet guardians watching all the surfers.  They wait until someone gets infected, and fly to the rescue.  If that’s the case, then why did they let you get infected in the first place?

The fact of the matter is that Privacy Commander IS the infection.  There is no technology outside of what is on your computer that is watching what you do.  If there was, it would probably block you from accessing infected content like an actual antispyware program will.  It wouldn’t let you get infected from the word “go.”

No legitimate program will do what Privacy Commander does.  You will not get a pop up screen showing you a scan in progress.  You will not get redirected to the program’s home page.  You will not have to pay any more money to fix your problem.  You will not be held hostage until you decide.

Privacy Commander gets installed on your computer by a spyware downloader called Zlob.  The pop up is typical spyware, only instead of sending your temporary files to an outside source, it tells you that they’re infected files.  The redirection of your browser is done by another spyware type, called a browser hijacker.  This is all put together to push you to their sales page.

By the time you get to Privacy Commander’s sales page, you’re effectively being held hostage—like if you were tied to a chair and had a light shined in your face.  It will say that you have the option to accept or decline, but you don’t get any results if you decline.  If you accept, you get asked for your credit card information.

If you haven’t stopped the process by now, stop it now.  You can still use ctrl-alt-delete to close the window.  You can still turn your computer off.  Whatever you do, don’t give them your money.  Privacy Commander is a corrupt program; what kind of people do you think are on the other end of it?  You might lose far more than just $50.  In return, you’ll get a junk program that couldn’t clean any infected files if it tried.

Spend your money on a quality antispyware program.  I suggest ZookaWare PC Cleaner, because it’s the best.  It has five star ratings from the top companies, is in partnership with the BBB, and has a 100% removal guarantee.  No one should be 100% satisfied if they’re not getting 100% removal.

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