Spyzooka Cuts Antivirus Plasma’s Lifeline

Spyzooka has been around since the birth of some of the most complex rogue (fake) anti-spyware programs.  They have followed the pace of all the current trends in trickery and deceit to hijack information and rob you blind.  The birth of Antvirus Plasma in 2009 has very similar features to most corrupt programs.  However, they have a vein of originality that is worth noting.  If you are infected or suspect that you are infected, your best bet will be to buy a new program that will wipe you clean of all harmful programs and prevent future infections.

If you came across the program in a pop-up, the chances are that you may have clicked on it thinking that it was a Windows Security warning telling you to run a scan on your computer.  This was a rather ingenious way to trap people into downloading the program through the scan.  However, it might just do you the favor of scanning for you.  Closing the pop-up doesn’t help much because it will come back over and over again until finally it either accidentally gets clicked on, or someone is worn down and gives the terminal CLICK.  Whatever you do, don’t CLICK!  You may be redirected to www.antivirusplasma.com where you can buy the program.

Many people won’t choose to buy the program right off the bat, and signs of infection are subtle.  At first, you may just have some freezes and reboots.  That doesn’t usually set off too many alarms since many computers that work fine will do that from time to time.  Then you may notice continual adds and pop-ups. If the program has installed itself for you, it will start running as soon as you start up windows.  It will run in the background slowing everything down.

Eventually, you can’t help but notice the infection.  It will start beating you over the head with pop-ups until you buy the real version, so they will remove the infection that they infected you with.  The program that you buy will not work for anything else.  It may even continue to direct you to websites that will download tool bars, search bars, and add-ons without your permission.   Internet Explorer will be hijacked and commercial sites will be blocked.

You can go online and find directions to remove the program.  It won’t cost you anything but your peace of mind.  Look around.  The instructions will all be different because there is not a surefire way to track the infection, since files are updated and hidden.  You will spend at least half an hour getting the files off, and may be reinfected.

Spyzooka is familiar with all these tricks and knows the remedy.  An Antivirus Plasma infection can easily be wiped clean by Spyzooka.  They are one of the only programs that guarantees 100% removal.  If upon the first scan it isn’t deleted, the team will work to bring you the newest update and remove it within 24 hours.  The problem will be taken care of efficiently and inexpensively.  Plus, you will be protected from www.antivirusplasma.com and other rogue anti-spyware programs in the future.

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