Spyzooka Exposes and Removes PcPrivacyCleaner

At Spyzooka, we know that there is an overwhelming number of rogue anti-spyware programs like PcPrivacyCleaner available to the average user.  They are so cleverly disguised as the real thing that having a reputable, full-time anti-spyware program should be a basic need while you play in cyberspace.  The latest rogue, or fake, anti-spyware programs like PcPrivacyCleaner have done little in the way of changing the antics of these dangerous and malicious programs yet they are still able to con you out of your hard-earned money.

If you don’t know the routine by now, let me break it down for you.  These programs will piggyback their way onto your system through trojans like Vondu or Zlob and other viruses.   When you are visiting “questionable” or “unethical” sites, you should always be wary.  This program is notorious for attaching to video codec while downloading from adult websites.  Other sites to avoid include peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities and downloading free or pirated software.  We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t get something for nothing.”

After you unknowingly come across one of these silent parasites, it will gradually start to show its face.  It constantly runs in the background when you start up Windows, slowing down your computer.  All of your private information is constantly monitored this way.  It may hijack your Internet and redirect you to sites that clean out your privacy.

There will be a pop-up warning you of high risks to your computer.  If you buy PcPrivacyCleaner, the pop-ups will stop.  Now comes the real problems.  They will report false and exaggerated files.  These files are actually items in your registry that you need for your operating system and get renamed as spyware.  In other words, these are files you don’t want to delete.

You may wonder how these programs are able to exist without their creators doing serious time behind bars.  It is hard to track the creators.   When they are, the anti-spam laws of the US will not cross international borders. There is little known about the origins of programs like this, but there is speculation of origins in the Russian Federation.  Most rogue anti-spyware comes from China and Russia, with the US, Brazil, and United Kingdom being other high-crime areas.

Removing these files manually may seem humanly possible, but most people are not able to find all the files.  If it doesn’t get deleted entirely, it is designed to quickly repair and regenerate when you start up Windows.  At Spyzooka, we believe that your time is important to you, so we offer one of the most reliable services at a reasonable prices.

Spyzooka is one of only three spyware companies out there that employ a 24/7 robot that scans the Internet constantly, looking for the latest spyware and definitions of programs like PcPrivacyCleaner.  We offer 100% guarantee of removal within 24 hours.  If the first scan doesn’t solve the problem, you can upload the file.  Send it to us.  We will send new updates back to you within a day.

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