Spyzooka Reveals the Truth About Antivirus 2010

If you think that your computer has been infected with Antivirus 2010, Spyzooka can conveniently and economically help you rid your computer of this fake security software.  Antivirus 2010 is a complex system of malware that has been created and distributed through many aliases.  Don’t panic and keep reading.  This problem can be easily solved before you have to clear out your entire hard drive and start from scratch.

The offending malware is a clone of Antivirus XP. It goes by many guises, such as Internet Antivirus, Antispyware 2008 XP, Vista Antivirus, Smart Antivirus, and AntiMalware 2009, to name only a few.  These are all finely tuned rogue “anti-spyware” programs—don’t let them fool you.

When you start up your computer, you may find yourself constantly closing pop-up windows that just won’t stop.  Be careful not to accidentally click on one of these and be taken to a website that may extend the “courtesy” to ask you to download a free trial.  More often than not, the trial will just download for you.  You will continue to see notices that alert you to fake security risks.

Another way to common way to find yourself infected by the program is by downloading a video to your computer.  It won’t be the actual video that contains the Trojan, but the video codec that enables you to view it will come packed with an added Trojan, malware, or virus.

The creation of the Blue Screen of Death is another fascinating scare tactic that will send most users into panic mode.  Have you ever had your computer crash and reboot?  That royal blue screen is the sign that something is very, very wrong.  Before you allow the reboot, click CTRL-ALT-DLT to see if it goes away.  If it does, this will tell you that you are dealing with a complex virus that needs immediate attention.

You  may find that your homepage is different, and will suddenly not allow you to view commercial sites that would normally be accessible.  You may find added features you never downloaded.  And the pop-ups never stop!  You will be asked to buy the rogue anti-spyware program for twice as much as market value just to get rid of the virus that you are already paying for in so many other ways.  In addition, if you give in and buy it, you will also be giving up all of your personal information to someone that may just steal you blind.

It is possible to remove this program manually through a complex series of instructions, but they might not be updated for newer versions of the scam.  This makes it impossible to detect hidden files that will eventually reinfest your computer.  In some cases, manual removal may work, but with well-developed malware programs, your best bet is to purchase Spyzooka.  You will not only rid your computer of the program, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than the alternative.

Spyzooka is an anti-spyware program that can guarantee 100% removal of programs like Antivirus 2010.  If upon the first scan you find the problem not solved, the team will fix it with a new update within 24 hours.  You will have the added security of surfing the Internet with no worries in the future.

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