Investigating BHO.ajw Adware

Upon investigating BHO.ajw adware and other malware/spyware software, we find that there is good and evil. Advertisers actually created adware as a form of free advertising. By conning you into agreeing to install adware, which is usually bundled with free software downloads; adware then tracks your web activities and keystrokes so that it knows what you are searching for. Once they have this ammunition, they fire away with their own web ads via pop ups that can be quit annoying, though rarely harmful.

The not so good spyware is created by internet demons (people) who create problems on your PC, track and transmit data including sensitive items like social security numbers, banking information, and credit card info. This information can be copied and sent into cyberspace. This type of adware often rides on the coat tails of free software downloads, and it is especially fond of applications such as adult websites and free music and video downloads, such as Kaaza. Once it gets into your system, it can attack your files and even compromise the stability of your computer by reconfiguring your dll files. Adware/spyware can change your home page, and even add items to your desktop. If you are experiencing any of these strange occurrences, more than likely, you have some type of adware, malware, or spyware on your computer.

There are many sites who offer instructions on manually removing this software, but it is virtually impossible to remove it completely. There is also free software available, some better than others, which do a pretty good job of deleting most of the software on your computer. Notice, I said do a “pretty good job,” not remove it completely. Many people opt for “free” software and for good reason, it doesn’t cost anything, but if you’ve ever heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” you might want to rethink your options here. Go with a trust and results proven spyware removal program, so you can stop the internet demons dead in their tracks.

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