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Ginwui is a rootkit. It is distributed via e-mail and is installed by malicious Microsoft Word documents. It works by infecting the Word document which then exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Word to drop Ginwui which installs itself and uses rootkit technology to hide and avoid detection. Ginwui will run on every Windows startup. It will then allow an attacker to enter and set up shot in your computer. The attacker will have full control with the ability to run applications and can even turn your computer on and off.

This is a dangerous program that needs to be removed. Removal can happen with a trusted program and one that has a solid reputation. SpyZooka is that program. SpyZooka has been around for years and will remove Ginwui with ease.
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  1. Scott Elliott says:

    I like SpyZooka. It doesn’t slow down my computer, and it hasn’t let a virus infect my computer. It does what it is supposed to do.

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