Spyware Profile for Winbed Unknown

Winbed Unknown is an adware browser hijacker that secretly embeds itself onto your computer.  It lies undetected and can update itself periodically via the Internet.  It also will run on Windows startup.  This parasite will take over your browser and tamper with your Internet settings–all without your permission, and usually without your knowledge.  It is only after you try to go to your favorite homepage that you discover that it has become something completely different.
Winbed can also modify your search setting, and even prevents you from changing your settings back to your original preferences.  Your infected browser will operate now much more slowly.  An effective spyware remover could get you back on track.  SpyZooka is an excellent anti-spyware program which can get your computer working like new in no time.

Also Known As:
WinbedUnknown, Trojan.Win32.StartPage.ei, WinBed

Spyware Type:  Hijacker Plug-in

Associated Files:

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