TSAdvert—Just One More Nuisance

TSAdvert is junk like any other adware program is. Of course, as methods of removing this junk get better, so do the methods of the developers who create it in the first place.

Discovering that you have adware on your computer doesn’t necessarily dictate that you should panic and go run out to throw money at the first solution offered. As we all know, responding to anything out of a state of panic is generally inadvisable. That being said, if you discover that you have adware on your computer, action does need to be taken, especially if the risk of that adware is high, as in the case of programs like TSAdvert.

Low risk adware is generally that which is intentionally downloaded. This form of adware may simply supply non-targeted pop-ups, and is easily removed should the user decide they are tired of its offers.

High risk adware such as TSAvert is a whole other monster. High risk adware generally installs itself without your permission, typically by exploiting weaknesses of whichever security program you are currently using. It should go without saying that any such exploit severely compromises your computer system’s security. Programs like TSAvert may also open illicit network connections – meaning that they connect to the Internet without your knowledge or consent, usually to update themselves or download more malicious software onto your now-vulnerable computer.

Removing high risk adware is often difficult because they are typically capable of disabling security software (so you won’t know it’s even there), modifying system files (which could mean that you are blocked from even accessing the folder it has embedded itself in), and using polymorphic tactics to self-mutate (so if you do manage to remove the program, but don’t get it all, it could come back bigger and better next time you reboot.)

The difficulty of dealing with sneaky programs like TSAdvert can be avoided if you simply download and install a quality anti-spyware program like Spyzooka. It guarantees 100% removal of all spyware from your system, and provides constant updates to keep your computer immunized against high risk threats like TSAvert. Good thing too. I’ve got better things to do with my time than hunt malicious software. Don’t you?

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