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It’s that time of year again. Time to rack your brain trying to come up with gift ideas for everyone you need to buy presents for this holiday season. And then, once you’ve finally figured out what you think they’ll like, you’ve gotta figure out where you can buy the present and (if you’re smart and not made of money) try to find the cheapest price on that present as well. Just a TINY bit stressful, not to mention time consuming.

If you’re not looking forward to going through that process again this year then rejoice, Dear Reader, for I come to you with solutions. These three browser addons won’t tell you what the best idea for a present is but once you’ve figured that out they will show you the cheapest place you can get it in no time at all. No more manual price checking. More time for drinking eggnog and watching reruns of the same holidays specials that have been on TV for the past 40 years. Or whatever you want to spend your time doing.

Priceblink2013-12-04 16_24_41-PriceBlink - Installation Steps

When you’re viewing a specific product PriceBlink searches the web for lower prices and lets you know if you’ve found the lowest price. Priceblink displays a small banner at the top of the webpage you’re viewing once it has searched for a better price to indicate whether a better price is available as well as which other websites are selling the same product. The small banner is only displayed on pages where it recognizes a specific product for sale, so it does a good job of staying out of your way when it’s not being used.

Download PriceBlink Here

Invisible Hand

2013-12-04 16_31_51-Amazon.com_ APC BE350G UPS System_ ElectronicsInvisible Hand is a lot like Priceblink. It shows a similar small banner on the top of your screen alerting you to any cheaper prices and letting you know what other stores are selling the same product. But Invisible Hand also works for finding the best prices on flights, hotels and car rentals, which could be a nice added benefit if you’re planning on going anywhere this holiday season.

Download Invisible Hand Here

NOTE: Though technically you can use Invisible Hand and Priceblink at the same time, they do very similar jobs and can conflict with each other in some cases. We recommend only using one.

Honey2013-12-04 16_17_53-Place Your Order - Amazon.com Checkout

Instead of searching online stores for cheaper prices on individuals products, Honey searches for coupon codes specifically for the website you’re shopping at and then applies them for you automatically. You’ll see a small “Find savings” button on the checkout page of supported websites. Just click the button and Honey works its magic to get you the lowest possible price. Honey will still work even if Invisible Hand or Priceblink are installed, so I recommend using both to get maximum savings.

Download Honey Here

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  1. Mike Partington
    Mike Partington says:

    Big fan of Regzooka. I am forever searching for the “best deal” on line and you are providing what seems to be three great products, BUT, like most things on the NET they appear to be American orientated. Please can you advise if in fact is there provision for searching UK sites only?
    Thanks and kind regards.


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