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Love Your PC Again

Junk files, registry issues, spyware and tracking cookies are just some of what’s making your computer sluggish. Get back up to speed with Cyberlab PC Cleaner

Compatible With Your Antivirus – For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11

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In-depth optimization gives your PC new life

Cyberlab PC Cleaner cleans, secures and speeds up your PC using
methods antivirus and Windows don’t offer.

And it’s easy to use!

Choose our one-click manual scan.

Or you can run it automatically in the background while your computer is idle.

Both scans are fully customizable and give you complete control over
what you choose to remove.

A quick fix that speeds up your PC and browsers by 30% or more

You might not know it, but it’s the programs that run silently in the background that slow your computer to a crawl.

With Cyberlab’s Optimizer you’ll see what programs are set to start up. Then, in just one click you can permanently remove, temporarily disable or enable.

Our testing shows an approximate 30% faster startup time when you use optimizer.

Automatically secure & optimize

Cyberlab PC Cleaner automatically runs updates, cleans and tunes up your registry while your PC is idle. When you return to your computer, Cyberlab shuts down and leaves you fully optimized.

Your privacy matters

We never store, share or collect your computer or online activity. And we don’t track your mouse clicks, personal info, IP address or anything else.

Alerts you can rely on to keep you fast

The Cyberlab Startup Monitor lets you know about any added program functions that run in the background. You’ll be given the option to disable or approve. You can also choose to turn the Startup Monitor off.

Updates are included!

Like a good wine, Cyberlab gets better with age. And with 205 global servers providing the updates you’ll get the fastest downloads and zero downtime.

Your monthly software updates include bug fixes, improvements and new features. And we regularly use questions and feedback from our customers to help us build future software releases.

Cyberlab PC Cleaner+ adds free daily spyware updates for optimal protection.

We won’t slow you down

Did you know with 5 Chrome tabs open you’re using about 500mb RAM, or about 31 times more resources than Cyberlab PC Cleaner?

It’s true. Our software actively runs just 3 features using 0 CPU resources and approximately 16mb RAM. And you can turn all active features off so you use zero system resources.

It’s another way your computer stays fast!

Uninstalls 100% of leftover files

Did you know that when you uninstall a program, you’re often left with unwanted files and registry keys on your computer?

Now you can automatically remove them with Cyberlab. You can even forcibly remove programs that get left behind by Windows built in uninstaller.

Daily U.S. Based Support

If you need support, you can get it 7 days a week from friendly and knowledgeable US-based employees. We don’t outsource support to other companies, countries or chatbots. You can get in touch with real people through email or live chat.

Why people like you choose Cyberlab PC Cleaner

Cyberlab customer since 2016

I had an issue (from my own misunderstanding) that was resolved almost instantly. Amazing because it was like getting a reply to an email from a friend. They then gave me a refund credit which I was not expecting. I have been a Cyberlab customer since 2016 and am exceptionally satisfied with the product as well as their customer service!

  • Kenny

Highly recommended

Cyberlab came highly recommended by the IT guy that assists our football team. I have trusted it the last several years and my old and I mean old lap top is still running fine and I notice it runs faster after a good Cyberlab cleaning.

  • James

All That is Promised and More

It cleans and defrags my registry with no more hanging. So far I have paid my money and gotten everything I asked for and more. I have been using this for at least six years and I have no intention of stopping now. I am a firm believer that when it does a good job at what you purchased it to do, you should keep it.

  • Mike
If you think Windows or your antivirus software does all the cleaning and securing you need, think again.

In-depth optimization from Cyberlab gives your PC new life

  • For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11. Both 32 and 64 bit systems.
  • Compatible with your antivirus and your other software.
  • Wanted programs, files, folders and cookies remain untouched.
  • No ads or bundled software. Ever.
  • Does the work Windows and your antivirus software doesn’t!

Cyberlab PC Cleaner

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No Ads, No Bundled Software & No Bloatware

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Registry Defragment
  • Hardware Analyzer
  • File Shredder
  • Drive Shredder
  • Optimize Windows and 5 Browsers
  • Uninstaller Removes 100% of any Program
  • Monthly Software Updates

Cyberlab PC Cleaner +

Clean. Secure. Speed.


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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Everything in Cyberlab, Plus…
  • Automates 5 Features
  • Daily American Based Support
  • Daily Spyware Updates
  • Clean Spyware, Junk Files & Tracking Cookies
  • Unlimited Downloads and Activations
  • Cancel Anytime Inside Cyberlab Ultimate

Share your subscription with people in your house, computers at your vacation house, business, or work.
Uninstall Cyberlab PC Cleaner+ to remove that PC from your subscription.

Why pay for a program to clean and secure your PC when you can get programs for free?

Many “free” programs aren’t really free. They often record what you do on your computer, and send the data back so they can upsell you on other products or features. At Cyberlab we believe privacy is important, so we never record or monitor your activity.

Trusted and Secured by Independent Companies Since 2004

  • intel
  • google
  • paypal

Questions? We are here to help.

Yes, cyberlab is compatible with your antivirus.

How do we know? Because Cyberlab is whitelisted.

Whitelisted means we are considered a trustworthy software program by all major antivirus companies including AVG, Avast, Bitdefender, Comodo, Cylance, Cyren, GData, Eset, Webroot, Norton, Mcafee, Malwarebytes, Palo Alto Networks, Quickheal and others. To maintain our whitelisted status Cyberlab must pass their most rigorous requirements to be proven safe.

Cyberlab will run safely on your computer along with your favorite antivirus program. These programs will not cause a conflict.

We check Cyberlab on the top 70 antivirus programs weekly to ensure they don’t detect Cyberlab. If there ever is a rare false detection of Cyberlab, we make sure it’s resolved quickly.

Your Cyberlab PC Cleaner+ yearly subscription covers up to 5, 10 or 15 computers depending on your selected plan.

You get free unlimited downloads and all activations are included.

You can easily uninstall Cyberlab PC Cleaner+ from a computer on your subscription. And you’re allowed unlimited computer transfers during your subscription.

It’s easy to cancel. Follow these steps:
Open Cyberlab PC Cleaner+ > click Options > click Subscription > click Manage Subscription > in the popup click Cancel Subscription. Your subscription will be canceled immediately.

If you prefer you can also chat or email us a request to cancel your subscription and it will be canceled within 24 hours.

Yes! Click here to sign up for a free 15 day trial. No credit card required.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ