How to Block Ads in Firefox

ABPI love the internet. I think that’s pretty obvious. I spend all of my work day and a lot of my free time using, learning about, and playing with internet technologies.

Internet ads, on the other hand, I don’t like nearly as much. So many websites these days load up their pages with big, obnoxious, annoying ads that they’re almost not worth reading.

Even worse, these ads waste bandwidth that could be used for downloading other things and make it possible for advertisers to track what you’re doing online. Why would I want to make it easy for them to do that?

Fortunately for you and me some smart person came up with the idea of an ad-blocker program many years ago. The original ad blockers where separate programs that ran on your computer and you had to actually pay for them. They also didn’t have a fantastic detection rate so some ads would still sometimes get through.

These day, though, ad blocker programs have improved greatly and are available for free for just about any web browser you can think of.

Here’s how to install one such ad blocking program, called AdBlock Plus, on Mozilla Firefox:

On the Adblock Plus plugin page, click the big green “Install for Firefox” button.

Firefox will ask if you want to allow the installation process, so go ahead and click OK.

If all goes as expected, Adblock Plus should now be installed and running in Firefox. You don’t even need to restart your browser. How cool is that?

Adblock Plus will block the ads on thousands of different websites and hundreds of advertising networks. It’ll even block the video ads on YouTube, which are honestly the most annoying ads in my humble opinion.

Adblock Plus is one of the first things I install anytime I work on a new computer. I’ve gotten so used to browsing the web without intrusive ads that on the rare occasion that I do have to use someone else’s computer without an ad blocker, I’m completely shocked at how many ads I’ve been missing. How do people put up with? I honestly don’t know.

But now you don’t have to. Enjoy your new, faster, ad-free internet experience.

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  1. Patricia Higgins
    Patricia Higgins says:

    Hi Tony,

    Wow! this site is great! I wish I had discovered it years ago, your instructions are easy to follow and the results are excellent, even for a non techy like me. Just discovered AdBlock and have now installed it, easy peasy!

    thanks again.

    Pat Higgins


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