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23aw0001 Dialer was first discovered in April of 2003.  It is unknown who created this program, but it known to be transmitted from pornographic websites.  Dialers intend nothing but exploitation of the infected computer, which could lead to serious financial risks for the user.

23aw0001 Dialer, like pretty much any other Dialer, is installed on your computer invisibly by an ActiveX drive-by download.  It also has the potential to be manually installed by the user.  In fact, 23aw0001 Dialer and many other Dialers claim to provide a link that gives the user access to “exclusive porn content.”

23aw0001 Dialer’s main mode of attack is that it hijacks your dial-up modem.  It then exploits it to call long distance, or “900” phone numbers, and sometimes 911 services instead of the user’s typical Internet service provider.  This can result in enormous phone bills and other, more civil problems.  The vendor and the owner of the 900 number usually share in the ill-gotten gains.

23aw0001 Dialer can also serve as a component for other malware programs.  Trojans, such as Downloaders and Backdoors are common, as are Worms.  This has developed into a more frequent use for Dialers since dial-up modems are being used less often.  In this capacity, it provides the connection to the server, usually by IRC technology.

If you discover that you are infected with 23aw0001 Dialer, you should remove it immediately with a top of the line antispyware program such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner guarantees 100% removal of 23aw0001 Dialer.

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  1. John Klive says:

    I had to fight with this shit for almost 2 weeks, thinking that I can remove it by myself. It seems that this one was too hard for me… I searched on the internet for some help, but if I couldn’t resolve it by myself, so I had to try SpyZooka and for my surprise it worked. Thanks!:D

  2. Michael Ingram says:

    I installed SpyZooka 3 days ago and I just love it! After one cleaning my computer is faster.

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