A V Killer Removal Instructions

High risk Trojan horse designed to disable antivirus security software by means of image file execution options, known as IFEO. This method will reassign security software’s executable files, making them incapable of running. AV killer may also disable Internet firewalls. Once it has successfully disabled system security, it may download more malware, allowing viruses and other malicious code to infiltrate. Sensitive personal information may also be at risk. Over 500 known variants of a v killer identified.

Recommended Action: Immediate removal.

Manual removal is achieved by disconnecting from the network, starting the computer in safe mode, deleting related files and killing related running processes, and possibly reinstalling security software. A v killer will automatically reinstall deleted files if not disconnected from the network. Manual removal is difficult, and may require professional help. Automatic removal can be achieved through the use of ZookaWare PC Cleaner, the only antispyware guaranteed to remove 100% of malware found on a computer.

A V Killer file contents :

win32.optix kill
win32/Optix Killer

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