AdSmart, One Smart Cookie!

AdSmart is a tracking cookie, and not one you want to have hanging around in your cookie jar! AdSmart is typically installed through a hole in your PCs security system, or can be dropped off by other spyware or malware that has found its way into your machine. It’s not uncommon for one problem to bring along a host of its friends, so don’t be surprised when this happens.

AdSmart is what is known as a tracking cookie. This type of cookie is different than the normal cookie associated with web browsing. Typically, a cookie is used by a website to store your preferences for that site. This one, however, has an entirely different agenda. It hopes to gain information about your web browsing habits by employing this cookie to track your surfing habits. It not only records the sites you visit, but also the type and number of times you click on various advertisements. This type of information is obviously of great value to an online advertising network, and they welcome the info that this type of adware can provide. Most of the time you may not even be aware there is a problem, until you start seeing a rash of unwanted advertisements showing up, and begin wondering just how they got there!

Ridding your computer of programs like AdSmart is not always an easy proposition. It most likely will have set itself deep inside the system registry of your machine, and will not be cooperative when you try and nab all traces of it. Unless you are a skilled computer tech you’d be well served to avail yourself of a great antispyware solution to rid yourself of these types of pests. The best I know of is ZookaWare PC Cleaner, available from BluePenguin software.

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