Adtraffic Is One Sly Devil!

The Adtraffic search assistant would seem to be a useful tool. It resides in the background of your browser, purporting to assist you in your searching by presenting itself when a URL is misspelled, a keyword is written in the address bar, or a broken link is clicked. It then delivers up a chance for you to type in the correct keywords you’re looking for, at which point it gives you ad results based on that keyword.

The reality behind this is that Adtraffic is an error page hijacker that resets your browser settings, and reroutes your information and search requests through another site, capturing that information as well. Adtraffic copies itself onto your hard disk, with it typical file name of Adtraffic. It then makes a new startup key named Adtraomffic and value ee.exe.

The purpose of this type of adware if to direct you to pay per click ads that they benefit from, as well as to capture as much of your information as possible. Removing Adtraffic is problematic. It can reinstall itself whenever the computer is restarted, and if you’re fortunate enough to actually find and delete some of its settings, Adtraffic will change them back again when you reboot.

To effectively get rid of Adtraffic you need to make sure you get all traces of it, as it can reconstitute itself. This means all of the files that it embeds itself into in your system, which are many. Not only this, but if you’ve had it for awhile and actually used its “help”, you may be infected with more spyware and malware than is readily apparent. The only way to be sure that you’ve gotten all traces of Adtraffic removed from your system is to employ a great antispyware solution like Spyzooka. It offers a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will have your machine free from these threats in no time!

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