Afcore is a backdoor Trojan that poses a high threat to your computer, as it gives control of the system over to the hacker without your knowledge. Upon installation, Afcore can be instructed to send, receive, and delete files. It can also gather information that is confidential and transfer this information to remote locations. Afcore also performs other harmful activity, and may collect information about your online activities. Afcore may delete or disable crucial system files that are necessary for proper functioning of your PC.

To remove Afcore manually, you may attempt to halt all associated running processes. At this point, you must detect all related files and values in the Windows registry in order to delete them. This process is not advised, as your computer is in danger of severe damage when done incorrectly. To remove Afcore and all other parasites automatically, a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka is highly recommended.

Afcore Trojan,

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3 Responses

  1. Dan Lee says:

    I accidentally opened a malicious afcore.exe file–which spawned at least two trojans that my antivirus notified me about. I didn’t know what that means and I’ve done a big mistake.
    I was using already Spyzooka, so it was removed very fast.

  2. Jeff Allen says:

    Just want to say that apparently your Afcore Remover has worked like a charm. I was infected with a most troublesome Malware Trojan that kept replicating every time McAfee found, blocked and removed it… most annoying for several days… until Mr. Google led me to your door. What a God send!

  3. Jason Hill says:

    I’ve only had my pc for a little over a month. My pc came with Norton installed. My brother suggested that I use AVG. I downloaded and installed the FREE version and scanned my computer. AVG immediately detected the trojan virus. It deleted all but one component of the virus. I came to this website and read some of the feed back about the virus.
    Since no av worked for me, I guess this site was the solution.

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