Antispyware 2008 isn’t the savior it pretends to be

Rogue security software, such as antispyware 2008, uses malware (malicious software) to harm your computer and sometimes even steal confidential information from your computer. These programs then convince you to pay for the so called removal of a pre-existing malware problem.

Sounds complicated, but really it is all just a masterfully planned scam attack on you. So stop being in the dark about these dangerous programs! Since the beginning of the internet, viruses and malware have found their way onto our computers. They’ve tried everything, from getting you to accidentally download email from an unknown sender, or downloading bogus programs. Haven’t you ever gotten an email from someone pretending to be a long lost relative or an old friend that wants to contact you? It has all evolved so quickly. And, things are getting dangerous. Not only are these programs overloading your systems on your computer, but they are actually stealing your private information.

Some malware have keylogging programs that can actually keep track of what you are typing. When they do this, in keying in your credit card and other personal information to purchase something online or register for anything, you are then giving them this pertinent information. With identity theft on the rise, this is something you just do not need.

Yes, the thought of being infected with malware is scary, but you need to understand the difference between a scam and a legitimate program that will keep your computer safe. Before we had the internet, we had phone scammers. We all know now that companies will not call you and ask for your account information or social security information. However, when this form of scamming was unknown, no one knew that giving out their confidential information would result in the abuse of their bank accounts and other assets. Scam artists rely on your ignorance and fear that they need to take action to protect what they own.

For example, is a browser hijacker that will either direct you to the website or even take over your homepage setting to magically take you to their page directing you to scan your computer for malware that they have detected. Once a fake scan is completed, you will be prompted to pay to remove this dangerous software. While you are doing all of this, the advanced antivirus 2008 is closing in on your computer and hiding itself from you.

Don’t be fooled into falling for these fake programs. Be on the lookout for the prompting of these antivirus programs. And, when infected, contact the real professionals. You can find companies that actually offer guarantees, like Spyzooka which offers you 100% guarantees on their work. You can have confidence that Spyzooka will leave you malware free with that kind of a guarantee. It is a sad time when companies can use your own fear to perpetuate their scam. Eliminate these fears with Spyzooka and you will be on the right path. Your computer and bank account will thank you.

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