Antispyware 3000 is Nothing But a Scam

I am a prominent figure in the computer industry and I have spent years working on computers. In my experience I have come across lots of useful tricks of the trade. On the other hand I have come across lots of troubling programs. One thing that I have definitely learned is that there is nothing you can do to avoid all of the scams and types of fraud that are out there in cyberspace. But the good news is that while these malicious programs cannot altogether be avoided, there are preventative measures you can take to protect yourself. One of the most important things you can do is inform yourself about these malicious programs. By simply knowing which types of malicious programs are out there you can equip yourself for protection.

One program which you should most certainly be aware of is antispyware 3000. Anti spyware 3000 is a rogue antispyware program, meaning that it claims to rid computer systems of fictitious spyware but is really nothing more than a simple scam to swindle people from their money. Products such as antispyware 3000 inspired me to create the only money-back guaranteed product designed for rogue antispyware elimination.

If you learn nothing more from this article, remember this one thing: antispyware 3000 is nothing but a scam! Here is how it operates: You will be using your computer when a pop up advertisement will display itself prominently on your computer screen. On first glance, this pop up will appear to be from a legitimate source. However, there is nothing legitimate about the claims this pop up will make. It will tell you that there are several dangerous and imminent threats to your computer system. The pop up will proceed to tell you that unless you download the full version of anti spy ware 3000, your computer will be injured by these threats.

If you do any research into the spyware and viruses that antispyware 3000 warns are facing your system, you will probably be scared. Spyware of all types really impairs the way a computer system operates. A computer infected with spyware will run sluggishly at best. The system will be inundated with annoying and relentless pop up advertisements. The system will suffer from a host of unsolicited add-ons. The system’s homepage will routinely be reset to various homepages. In short a computer infected with spyware will run out of control.

The symptoms of spyware will be enough to persuade rational people into doing whatever is necessary to protect their systems from spyware. However, blindly following the advice from antispyware 3000 and downloading the full version as a protective measure is nothing short of foolish. Antispyware 3000 does not remove spyware from a system. In fact, antispyware 3000 reports spyware that does not even exist in an effort to persuade unsuspecting victims into purchasing antispyware 3000.

If you receive pop ups from antispyware 3000, here is what you need to do: Get Spyzooka! Spyzooka is guaranteed to remove antispyware 3000 from a system so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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