Antispyware Pro XP Is A Scam

When, or if, you encounter Antispyware Pro XP, please remember that it is just looking to make money off of you.  This program is a clone of Antispyware XP 2008, and both are rogue anti-spyware programs that pretend to be able to scan and remove malicious software (malware).  These programs pretend to be able to do these things because they are actually trying to download their own malware to your computer.

Unfortunately, most of the time these programs are effective in getting computer users so scared of having dangerous programs on their computer that they download the problem software in search of a free fix.  Please know as a computer user that you can tell if you have malware already.  So, when a website or pop up ad claims that they detect that you have malware and that they will fix it or scan it for free, please stop and realize that these are just scams.  The use of fear is a great tool for these programs to make money off of you.  Not only can these programs slow down your computer once they are downloaded, but they can lift your credit card information and really cost you some serious time and money.

Antispyware Pro XP will find its way onto your computer without your knowledge, if you are not careful.  You will find this program through websites or pop up ads.  The program will look convincingly like your operating system.  If you think your computer is telling you something (as opposed to an obvious pop up ad), you are probably going to trust it.  But think twice!  Look at the fine print.  The program will not ask you to initially download the program; it will ask you if you want a free scan.  We are all looking for free things, but this program comes with strings attached.  Once you agree to a free scan, you will always be presented with a list of dangerous programs that are on your computer.  This is because the program has fabricated a scan or used your temporary files to fill out the list.  The scan results are similar for every computer user.

Once you see the scan results, they will try to get you to buy the full version of their program to remove the “dangerous files.” Not only can this program not remove any programs, but the programs they claim are dangerous are either not even on your computer or are on your computer but not dangerous.  The problem with the scan is that clicking “Yes” allows the program to download.  It will not say it is downloading, but it will be.  And once it downloads, you will know it.  If you have malware, your computer’s performance will slow dramatically, and your homepage may even change without your approval.  These are all signs of trouble.

Do your research, Spyzooka is a company that has been removing malware for customers with great results.  They offer a 100% guarantee that they can get the job done.

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