Antispyware2008xp is Harmful

Antispyware2008xp has the potential to really mess things up for you and your computer. You may think you are being offered a free scan of your hard drive when you encounter this malicious software (malware), but you are really getting a download of some very nasty malware instead.

Let me explain. You are on the internet, minding your own business, when you get a pop up ad for a free scan of your hard drive. The pop up looks like it is official business and is from your operating system. It is reporting a warning of danger for your computer. Out of fear of the unknown, you click ok.

Clicking on any of these rogue anti-spyware programs will allow them access to your computer. So, even if you accept the free scan, they are downloading onto your computer instead of scanning. In fact, the scan is a fake. The graphics, everything is contrived to pull up a bunch of infections so that you buy their full version of software out of fear. These programs are very tactful in using language that will cause a sense of doubt in your mind about the safety of your computer.

However, even if you do not buy the full version, they will still make money off of you. That’s right they are lifting your credit card information, your social security number, or anything else of value to them. Most of us do not have these things stored on our computer for security reasons, but they can still access them. Most of these programs are equipped with key logging programs that can keep track of your keystrokes. So, when you purchase something online or fill out an online form, this information is recorded and sent back to the masterminds that are running the scam on you.

Please know that if you have malware, you will notice it. Your computer will slow significantly and you will be attacked by lots of pop up ads. Sometimes even your home page will change without your doing.

But, you do not have to be a victim for long. Although it is very hard to remove these programs, there are experts that have a handle on this. Unfortunately you cannot just hit uninstall or manually remove the program because it is made up of Trojan horses. Trojan horses hide in temporary files that look like they are essential to the running of your computer. So, even if you try to remove all of the files, you will always miss some, leaving you venerable.

However, there is help out there. Spyzooka can help with these rogue antispyware programs. They have the experience in successfully removing these malwares and will give you a 100% guarantee that they will fix your problem. You can trust them; they will not solicit you with pop up ads and scare you into choosing their company. Spyzooka just wants to help you with your computer troubles. You got scammed, but it can be fixed, and hassle free.

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