Antivirustrigger Is A Hold-Up On So Many Levels

One day, you’re surfing the Internet.  You click on a button on an unfamiliar website.  BAM!  A window pops up and tells you that you have a huge virus infection.  It calls itself Antivirustrigger.  It says it can help you.  Believe me, helping you isn’t what it’s after.  It’s out for helping itself…to your wallet and maybe even to your identity.  Remember, if you didn’t install it, don’t trust it.

Antivirustrigger is one of many corrupt security tools that lurk the dark corners of the Internet.  Unfortunately, there’s no telling where it may be hiding at.  While most of the websites—I mean sites that are infected—are in the “18 and over” category, they’re not limited to that.  It could be that video-gaming site that your son is going to just as easily as any adult content site.

It could also be caught from downloading material at a peer to peer file sharing group.  They seem to have a preference for pirated material, but there’s no certainty there either.  So there’s yet another reason, besides the legal ones, for avoiding Internet piracy.

The only thing that’s certain about rogue security tools, aka “scamware,” is that once you see that “warning screen,” you’re already infected.  When you click an infected button, you download the .Zlob Downloader spyware, which downloads the rest of the spyware infection.  Then you get your pop up warning, complete with a running tally of supposed “viruses” on your computer.

In actuality, these “viruses” are your browsing history and tracking cookies.  Chances are the number of supposed infections will be in the hundreds or thousands.  I’ll suffice it to say that two or three real infections will effectively cripple most computers.  All this scan really is is a new application of old spyware programs.

After providing you with this scare tactic, you will be automatically redirected to their website.  This, again, is spyware in action.  This time, it’s a Browser Hijacker.

Here is the kicker.  It now says that if you pay them over twice what a legitimate antivirus program normally costs, it will clean out your infected files.  More like your wallet at this point.  After all, it IS a corrupt program.

Don’t even think about salvaging the “antivirus program.”  It doesn’t work.  After all, do you think that they would go through all the trouble of actually making it work if they’re just after the money?

Besides, if you really want to clean out your browsing history, your browser program can do that for you at no extra charge.  Now, we’ll have to address the real infection.  Apparently, if you got infected, your antispyware didn’t protect you well enough, so it’s time for a new program.

I recommend for cleaning this and all spyware encounters my ZookaWare PC Cleaner program.  In fact, I recommend getting it before any infections.  Besides our scanning robot that is the driving force of our 100% removal guarantee, our SpyGuard program will ensure that you will not encounter these crooks ever again.

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