Aureate.a – A Sneaky Way to Spy on You!

Aureate.a is another annoying pest from that famous family of spyware pests, Aureate. This is yet another clone that accomplishes much the same as its relatives, that is to make your computing life miserable! It accomplishes this by various ways, primarily by hijacking your browser, eating up your system resources and crashing your computer, as well as spying on all your web surfing activity and relaying that information on with intent of selling it. All this without an invite or your permission!

Aureate.a usually arrives by a Trojan implant such as Vundo or Zlob. (some people have said  that Aureate.a  itself is a Trojan) or through a driveby ActiveX exploit, and once there, sets up cap and begins to monitor your web browsing habits, sending this info on to third party servers God knows where, and thus Aureate.a  gets paid. The thought of a foreign server unbeknown to you sifting through your personal info ought to be enough to make you pause and consider. What’s more, it can and does install any other executable files that these remote servers send to your computer, thus setting you up for a big fall.

Soon, though, you’ve really had a bellyful of Aureate.a’s antics, and your system has probably started to experience multiple crashes at this point, and you’re ready to do something about getting Aureate.a off your machine. Easier said than done, though!

Aureate.a is quite handy at cloaking itself and avoiding detection, and resists vigorously any attempts to delete it. Even if you were able to find what you thought were all traces of it, my money is on Aureate.a reconstituting itself and greeting you in the morning! There are just too many files to well hidden.

The best way to rid your machine of Aureate.a is to employ the services of proven antispyware software, such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It will get all of it, and has a 100% spyware removal guarantee.

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