Be On The Offensive Against Virus Labs 2009

The newest rogue anti-spyware program, Virus Labs 2009, will cause your computer to run slow and may put you at risk for credit and identity fraud.  This may come as a shock to you because the program claims to be a tool for you to scan and remove malicious software (malware).  However, it will only create huge problems for your and your computer.

This program is often downloaded without your knowledge when using video codecs.  Video codecs are often necessary to watch movies online.  However, when downloading these video codecs you need to be especially careful, because they often come with some unwanted downloads like Virus Labs 2009.  Once you download your video codecs, you will most likely be unaware that this program also made it onto your computer.  You will only notice Virus Labs when the security alerts start popping up.

Virus Labs 2009 will pop up and offer you a free scan of your computer system after it scares you into believing that you may have a malware problem by using language that will lead you to believe that the program has detected something on your computer.  This is just not possible.  Virus Labs 2009 tells every computer user that they have detected something.  This is just a ploy for your money.

Once you accept the free scan, Virus Labs 2009 will give you a list of your temporary files on your computer.  However, you will not know this.  You will just see a giant list of programs that Virus Labs 2009 detects as corrupted and a danger to your computer.  Then, you will be offered and pressured into purchasing the full version in order to remove the programs that they have deemed dangerous.  Whether you purchase the full version or not, you have  Virus Labs 2009 malware on your computer already.  If you buy the full version, you are just donating your hard earned money to this malware, because this program cannot scan or remove any types of programs.

Virus Labs 2009 has the potential to record your key strokes and steal your credit card information when you type it into any type of online form or email.  This is just too risky.  You need to remove Virus Labs 2009 immediately once you realize you may have it.

Your computer will be running very slowly and you will be getting a ton of security alerts, so it should not be hard to determine that you have this malware.  However, removing this malware is the hard part.  You need to contact professionals to get rid of Virus Labs 2009.  Spyzooka will offer you a 100% guarantee that they will rid you of this pest.  You need that kind of guarantee with this type of dangerous program.  Spyzooka’s services can let you rest easy knowing that Virus Labs 2009 is not stealing your identity or damaging your computer any further.

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