BPSSpyware Remover Just Does Not Compare to Spyzooka

Because I have a career in the computer industry, I obviously spend a lot of time on computers.  I chose this career because I love technology and I have quite a knack for understanding it.  And because of this love I have for computers and technology, it is frustrating — to say the least — when I see people use technology for the wrong reasons.  Take spyware for instance. This is a prime example of technology being used against us.  I have yet to meet anybody with good motives who appreciates spyware to any degree.  So rather than ignore spyware, I decided to create my very own product to fight back against it.  But before doing this, I had my share of experience with spyware and the various antispyware programs that are out there.  What I found was that most of these antispyware programs were ineffective.  Some to greater degrees than others, but the common denominator was that they did not fully remove spyware from a system.  One such program is BPSSpyware Remover.

BPS Spyware Remover made large claims to be a great remedy for spyware.  As such, I was hopeful when I downloaded BPS SpywareRemover to my system.  But just like with other antispyware programs, I was disappointed with the results which BPSSpyware Remover delivered.  To sum things up in just one quick sentence:  It did not work!

The fact that BPSSpyware Remover did not remove the spyware from my system was frustrating for a number of reasons.  First of all, I spent good money on this program only to find that it did not deliver what it advertised.  This was particularly frustrating because BPSSpyware Remover did not offer any type of guarantee, so there was no way of getting the money back which I wasted on this product.  But more pressing was the fact that spyware was still on my system.  This meant that computer hackers were tracking my every move and bombarding my system with pop ups.  Because I work on my computer, this was more than a mere annoyance — it prevented me from earning a living.  And the worst part of this was that I didn’t know whether the spyware was being used to collect personal information such as credit card numbers and bank account information.

Out of my frustration for spyware and products like BPSSpyware Remover which made false claims to remove spyware, my idea to build Spyzooka was born.  I set out to finally create an antispyware program that could actually do what it is supposed to do — remove spyware.  And I did not rest until I created a program that removed all types of spyware.  I spent innumerable hours perfecting my product and I am more than certain that my efforts have been well worth it.  I have yet to meet a customer who is unsatisfied with Spyzooka.  I am so confident with the product that I have developed that I offer a money back guarantee.  I am willing to demonstrate Spyzooka’s effectiveness by offering a free scan of your system at http://www.spyzooka.com/spyware-removal-guarantee.htm.

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