Common Altnet.d Mistakes that Jeopardize Computer Security

There are plenty of computer parasites created; every email inbox is targeted by spam and people can read about online scam schemes such as adware AdWare.Win32.Altnet.d almost every day. However, there are some things each computer owner do to unwillingly compromise security. Some of them don’t know about the dangers and some of them think they can handle it. What are the most common mistakes that compromise privacy and security?

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to computer security; it’s rather a curse. Using every software you find interesting and visiting every website that looks appealing may result various damage. The mentioned behavior doesn’t necessarily jeopardize computer security or user’s privacy. Nevertheless, there are too many shiny infected screensavers and too many malicious gaming websites to wander around on web and risk loosing sensitive information.

Unfounded trust is another common mistake. Your online bank is reputable and you are sure that they put lots of efforts to protect your account. That might be truth; however, clicking on every email that has the same logo as your bank isn’t a wise idea. Even a website that looks exactly the same as your online banking login page shouldn’t be trusted unconditionally. The same rules apply to other websites that requires registration for using services. Someone stealing account at home interior design forum might be not the greatest loss in your life; but if the account contains your real name, zip code and other sensitive information, it may lead to identity theft. Trusting security on friend’s computer to check your email can also cause considerable damage.

Neglectful encryption is no better than no encryption. Encrypting various data might look like wise decision, but it’s only cool till you keep private key actually private. There’s no point in using encryption and not securing encrypting key. There’s also not much sense in using someone else’s machine to encrypt or decrypt your data.

Unsecured email may cause various troubles. Do you send passionate dear-diary-alike messages to someone? Do you send secret business plans via email? Even if you used e-mail only once for registering on MySpace, you still have something to lose in case email system is not secure enough. Make sure that webmail system chosen by you encrypts messages; otherwise it will only take one guy with average knowledge to check your mail for you. “Forgot your password?” link is also known for questionable security measures. Do not use web email system if it can be accessed by anyone who knows your ZIP code and the name of your puppy.

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