DDIEHelper Spyware Profile

DDIEHelper is a spyware program that was first discovered on November 6 of 2006.  It is a Trojan Downloader, and it comes from the Chinese website 861010.cn.

With its Trojan Downloader capabilities, it will scan your computer for browsing history and personal information.  It will send this information to its server at 861010.cn to get processed.  Once that’s done, it will deliver pop-up ads to your computer.  It can also download updates for itself, and it can also download other spyware programs to further your infection.

Side effects of a DDIEHelper infection include slower computer operating speed and program crashes.  DDIEHelper, like most other spyware and adware programs, consumes a lot of your computer’s memory and bandwidth.

If you have a DDIEHelper infection, you should use a trusted spyware removal tool to remove it.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the most reliable antispyware tool available.

Also Known As: DDIEHelper.dll

Associated Files:
DDIEHelper.dll, DDIEHelper_1.dll,
CLSID {1D3E6D2D-ED58-43D2-9D17-98F584B14D3B}

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  1. David Smith says:

    I was infected with DDIEHelper, but a friend told me about SpyZooka, and I had no problems since then. It’s the first time when didn’t show show up any problems.

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