.Dmad Is Truly a Hazard to Your Security

Adware is basically like parasites for your computer. Some of it is relatively benign and just annoying, while some of it can actually be malignant and infects your computer with a hostile intent. .Dmadis an adware program that has a clearly hostile intent in its design.

This program shares some features with other adware programs that make it bad enough for your computer. It starts off life on your computer by getting installed on the sly; without you knowing or consenting. Then it checks with home base to see if there are any updates for it. If not, then it starts searching through your computer for information that it can send back home. This is a part where this program is especially dangerous. It is a backdoor program. Backdoors are programs that allow hackers to bypass all the security features of a computer, and essentially take it over. At this point, it’s not just the information in your Temp folders, which amounts to tracking cookies and browser history logs that is being shared. It’s potentially everything that’s on your computer. Unless you’re religious about clearing every scrap of temporary information when you’re done with each browsing session, it could be your login information for EBay, PayPal, or your bank account. It could be your credit card information if you buy things online. If nothing else, it could be the family photos in your “My Pictures” folder. Whatever they want, they can get.

However, unless you’re a secret agent with documents that have the future of the free world riding on them, chances are that a hacker isn’t going to be too interested in what is in your personal folders. For the most part, they tend to prefer to reset your security settings, directly download more spyware and maybe a virus or two, that sort of thing. A good deal of this is so that they can easily regain access to your computer in the future. They’re not done with you yet.

Back to the normal course of an adware infection, after your information gets sent to an outside server, they process the info and create a file for you on their database. They use this information to send you specialized adware. Ever wonder how some ads just know that you live in a certain town, or how they know your name? This is how they do it. This technology seems altogether too easy to use for that greatest of internet crimes: Identity Theft. So now we get to the most obvious sign of an adware infection: Pop up advertising.

Even though a slower processing speed often precedes the pop ups in an adware infection, this is usually the first time many people realize that they’ve been infected. The hackers that use backdoors foresee this realization, and have already at this point disabled several security features on your computer. After all, if your antispyware program doesn’t work, it can’t find the back door, and they can continue exploiting you, right?

This is why you need not just any spyware solution. You need the only antispyware program that has the 100% removal guarantee, the only one that’s hunting for new versions 24/7 instead of once or twice a week, the only antispyware program that has everything. You need ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

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