.DreamAd Irritations

.DreamAdbelongs to a particular class of adware called “Trojan Downloaders.” Trojan Downloaders have the basic pathology of adware infections, but are slightly more irritating than some other sorts of adware infections in that they constantly download new advertisements. Some of the other, less irritating adwares occasionally take breaks when your browser is turned off.

An infection by .DreamAd can happen in several ways. It can come as a bundle with another program; it may trick you into manually installing it by claiming to be something else, or downloaded from a website. From there, the pathology is pretty standard.

First, it installs itself as smss.exe in the registry and the Windows installation folder. It does this in order to set itself up as a “service” on your computer. Then it checks its predetermined remote server for updates. Once that’s all done, it’s pop up city for your computer.

This program was first discovered in June of 2007, and has a high security risk rating. This is primarily due to its prevalence “in the wild,” and just how much it can compromise your computer’s performance. There seems to be no verified communication of your computer’s information to a remote server, which is at least some relief. However, the trade off here is that since it doesn’t upload your information, it can concentrate on overwhelming your computer with advertisements.

What basically is going on behind the scenes, without your consent, is that this program is constantly running, which uses up some of your computer’s running memory. What it’s doing this whole time is downloading pop up advertisement at an increased rate, since it’s not geared towards finding out what you would actually like. The advertisements themselves don’t cost much memory to run, but so many of them can add up. Also, the downloading is where you get hit for the memory. It uses up your internet connection’s bandwidth, which causes your computer to use more of its memory to maintain the connection.

The net result is this: You’ll get a bunch of pop up advertisements for things you probably don’t want or need. Your computer will start working slowly. Some programs, especially your internet browsers, will not only work more slowly, but may crash and leave error messages. You will probably also lose some hair by the handful as well.

My recommendation is that it’s always better to get a good spyware removal program before getting infected. It’s usually more of a hassle shopping for and installing these things while an infection’s going on. Also, when you have a good product, a really good one, you may never even get infected if you get it beforehand.

My ZookaWare PC Cleaner program is one that can do this. It’s the only program that offers a 100% removal guarantee. We can do this because we have a bot constantly searching the internet for new spyware definitions to add to our library. We update by the minute, not by the week. Also, ZookaWare PC Cleaner has the SpyGuard feature, which will keep you from being infected to begin with!

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