.Duncan is a resilient Trojan

.Duncan is in a class of adware called “Trojans.” These programs pretend to be a service of some sort for the computer, and are often difficult to remove. This application is especially difficult to remove, as some “top of the line” spyware removal programs can’t touch it. In fact, for one of its aliases, a specialized adware removal program was created.

.Duncan is a variant of ConHook, and has a very familiar alter-ego to adware professionals: It also shows up as Vundo on a Norton Spyware scan. Vundo is a particularly tricky adware, so much so that a special program, called Vundofix, was created for its removal.

This program, after installation, disguises itself as a Browser Helper Object, or BHO. It also hides as a winlogon notify handler. In less fancy terms, it hijacks your browser. It also can download more malware onto your computer, possibly viruses. And, of course, there are the pop ups that will join in the fray.

When your browser gets hijacked, more often that not, your home page gets reset to one of the program’s choosing. Also, it will usually redirect your browser to pages where its products are being advertised, and can also block some other pages from showing up on your browser. Additionally, it can monitor your browsing activity this way. Of course, this info will get uploaded to a remote server and get processed to determine your browsing preferences, just so it can spit back advertisements that suit your preferences.

Most of the time, when adware downloads stuff to your computer, it’s usually more advertisements. However, there are some particular types of adware under the “Trojan” category that can download anything onto your computer, from advertisements to hacker tools and viruses. .Duncan is one that can get the really nasty stuff on your computer.

A pretty standard feature with nearly all adware infections is the pop up advertisements. I use this to generically describe the various forms of ads you can get from adware. You can also have popunder ads, banner ads, and your computer’s wallpaper can be changed to an advertisement! In this case, as said before, the pop ups you get are specialized based on your browsing habits.

As I said earlier, this is one tough bug. From everything else I described, it can be easily surmised that this one can take out a huge chunk of your memory. It’s definitely not one to keep. The best program to do that is ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is everything you need for dealing with spyware in one package. We don’t just stay ahead of the competition in our updates, we keep up with the spyware! When a new one is created, we know about it within minutes, and you would be protected that quickly! Not only do we keep abreast of spyware updates, we also have SpyGuard, a feature that protects you from getting infected to begin with. Normally, this would be a separate program!

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