E2Give – A New Spyware Threat

Today I will be sharing information on a kind of spyware which, like many others, can infect your computer just by visiting unsafe sites via ActiveX downloads. Today we are going to talk about a browser helper object (BHO) called E2Give.

Let us start by educating you on what a browser helper object is. A BHO is by definition a browser component that facilitates extra features on a Web browser. A BHO will download and execute other files, specifically pop-ups from advertisers. As you can imagine, this can be disruptive to your usual activities.

In the case of E2Give, we have a BHO that is also spyware. The Web sites you are visiting and how long you visit them are monitored. Your personal information (such as your zip code, country, system information, first name, etc.) is recorded and passed on to a remote server.

E2Give will connect itself to the Internet. You will find yourself redirected to e-commerce sites in order for them to collect commissions. When you get redirected to these e-commerce sites you will be subjected to pop-up advertisements. Because of the generating of pop-ups and redirection to advertisers, your Internet may be slowed down. If it weren’t for this program’s nasty spyware factor, I would just call it a nuisance.

Removing E2Give is not as easy as going to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalling the program—you will find that using the Add/Remove Programs method didn’t work when you restart your computer. This means you have to get outside help to remove this spyware.

I strongly suggest ZookaWare PC Cleaner. Most anti-spyware programs on the market today only remove 80-90% of the infection. That no longer works with today’s infections, as they will come right back without the need for you to do whatever it was that got you infected the first time. Today’s spyware will just reinstall itself from any files that were missed. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only software out there on the market that gives you a 100% removal guarantee. Not only does ZookaWare PC Cleaner remove the infection, but will protect you from reinfection.

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