EasyWWW – Not a Match for ZookaWare PC Cleaner

Today I will be sharing information on the adware EasyWWW, but before we start with the specifics on what to expect from this adware threat, I’d like to inform my readers who may not be tech savvy about what adware is and what it does. Adware is a program that was created to expedite delivery of advertising to you and, in some cases, gather information from your computer. Adware programs can hog your computer’s resources and are responsible for the countless pop-up ads you receive on the Web. Adware is usually bundled with freeware programs such as messengers, alerts, weather applications, toolbars, etc.

In the case of EasyWWW, the adware runs on start up, so as soon as you start up your computer it is ready to go. EasyWWW stays running in the background where you can’t see it and it can go unnoticed. It changes your search bar, search assistant, and search page to the Web page searchbar.findthewebsiteyouneed.com. This behavior makes EasyWWW fall into the software category referred to as browser hijackers. Vulnerabilities of Internet Explorer will be exploited, launching a lot of pop-up advertisements in your browser.

How did EasyWWW get onto your computer in the first place? EasyWWW is also considered a Trojan. It will get onto your computer using what we call a “drive-by installation.” This means it silently installs when you visit certain websites.

Now you need to know how to remove EasyWWW from your computer. The first thing you need to know is that Add/Remove Programs does not work. It will appear to have worked until you restart your computer, but then you will have the same problems as before. This means you need to get outside help and get an anti-spyware program. Anti-spyware programs are what are used today to remove spyware, adware, and Trojans. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is your best bet to remove these adware infections. ZookaWare PC Cleaner gives you a 100% removal guarantee, while other anti-spyware programs only remove about 80-90% of the infection.

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