Ejik Adware is Everywhere

I hate adware, and I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there who feel the same way. It bogs down my computer and gives me more pop-ups than I know what to do with, which is incredibly annoying. But they don’t always disguise themselves too well. Many of them actually have the word “adware” in their names. The bundle I had also had the peculiar word “Ejik” in the names as well.

Yes, I had an adware and spyware problem. I had pop-ups advertising this and that, and oddly enough, the items for sale pertained to websites I had recently visited. I assumed that I had picked up these vile programs while downloading some music videos. Adware creators like to bundle their malicious programs with otherwise benign downloads. They can be pretty sneaky, but they’re not always original with how they name their creations.

I’d had some experience with adware before and I’d noticed that sometimes the names of the adware programs state exactly what they are. So, just for fun, I did a search of my computer file names for the word “adware.” Wouldn’t you know it, there were several of them. Many of them also had “Ejik” in their names, whatever that means. Among others, there was Adware.Win32.Ejik.gg, Adware.Ejik.ff, and even one called Not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Ejik.ac. I chuckled at that last name because it was as though the creator thought it would appear innocent just because the name said that it wasn’t a virus.

I was surprised that there were so many. Having one of them was bad enough, but there were at least 15 listed there with “Adware” and “Ejik” right in the name. How many more adware programs were there that were more discrete? Since adware programs usually spy on the infected user as well, I decided that I needed to do something to protect myself from these uninvited invaders.

Like most people, I already had an anti-spyware program, but who can expect it to be fool proof? I figured that I had better get another program to work with it so that I’d have more protection. As I searched for another program I came across http://www.ZookaWare PC Cleaner.com, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They guaranteed a 100% removal of spyware. This was a new concept to me, and I felt a little silly because I had been prepared to settle for less.

I wanted to know more and make sure that it wasn’t a scam. I’m no dummy. I know that there are fake anti-spyware programs out there. But the more I researched ZookaWare PC Cleaner, the more I was impressed. They use a robot to search out new spyware and adware constantly, and you are updated daily about them. Furthermore, they immunize you from those threats before they even get close to you. That’s right! No more dangerous programs with made up words like “Ejik.” And if a problem happens to arise, you get unlimited customer support so that your problem gets taken care of. I was sold, and I’m glad that I didn’t settle for less than ZookaWare PC Cleaner’s 100% spyware removal guarantee. Why should I? Why should you?

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