.EvidenceScan: Kill It Now!

At the time of this writing, the adware program called .EvidenceScanis at large, and is a high level risk to your computer. It’s definitely nothing to trifle with. Aside from being problematic on its own, it will also download other spyware programs onto your computer.

This program belongs to an adware variety called Trojan Downloaders. As said before, these aren’t just problematic on their own; they also call in some of their friends to ruin your day. Aside from this function, they also perform the standard adware functions.

That is, they install themselves on your computer without your knowledge or consent. It’s kind of a tricky business since some adware programs, this one included, have to be manually installed. To address this, most of the purveyors of these programs will bundle them with other programs to dupe you into manually opening them.

After an initial check back with home base to get any updates, this program will then dig through your files looking for potentially sensitive information to send back to its remote server. Once there, your information gets evaluated, filed away in their database, and advertisements based on your browsing habits are sent to you. Then along comes the all too familiar pop up advertising windows. Along the way, other programs get downloaded, which perform more of the same processes.

Each individual adware will cost your computer in the way of performance and productivity. It will also cost you in the way of your sanity! The pop ups alone are irritating, and sometimes embarrassing. The pop ups, however, are only a minor point in the frustration that is an adware infection.

Assuming that none of your private data has been sent over the internet, the worst part of an adware infection is how much it costs your computer in the way of memory. It takes memory to run an adware. It also takes memory to have communication bandwidth on the internet. If both memory and bandwidth are being siphoned off to a mostly invisibly program, that can actually be disastrous to production. It’s especially taxing if several such programs are running without your knowledge. With the average adware program, it may be that your internet browsers might lock up. With an infection from a Trojan Downloader, your whole computer might seize.

Given the fact that .EvidenceScan has been around since 2003 and is still considered a high threat, it can be easily surmised that it’s a difficult one to get rid of. Regardless of whether it’s hard or easy to remove, you should be ready for it.

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