Exterminating Pest Sweeper with Spyzooka

Spyzooka has been around for long enough to easily eradicate destructive and malicious software like Pest Sweeper.  This spyware comes from the same family as SpywareScanner 2008.  I always find it amazing that these programs are all pretty much the same with a different name.  Pest Sweeper is yet another program with little originality that has carefully chosen a name to describe the service it offers.  Nonetheless, the programs are effective in their mission:  To rob and steal by all means necessary.

How do these programs make their way to your computer?  More times than not it is through a Trojan Zlob, virus, or rogue anti-spyware pop-up.  The most common way these come on undetected is by downloading videos—they ride on the video codec.  Your browser may show that the file is uncorrupted, but the transfer process is what will actually get you.

The highest rates of infection occur when the user is surfing questionable sites like peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities to download pirated software and media.  In my opinion, you will end up spending more time and money fixing your computer than you would have spent just buying the movie or program outright, plus it is illegal.  You get what you pay for, right?

Most users are totally unaware that the program has piggybacked its way onto you computer.  It sneaks up silently and hits hard when left untreated.  It may even physically damage your computer.

In other cases, you may actually try a free scan from a mock anti-spyware program.  Most of these programs are deceptively designed to look like real and reputable programs with websites containing all the information to questions you might have.  The only thing you won’t find is the creator to the program.  Who wants to sign their name to something that could put them behind bars?

What these programs do is falsely advertise a product that actually does the opposite.  The only time they aren’t lying is when they scan your computer and tell you that you have been infected or are at risk.  This is true, because they just installed all sorts of malware that will haunt you for a long time down the road.

There are hundreds and hundreds of programs that will tell you they can remove it.  They may even give you a free program that will legitimately delete most of it.  Even after you buy the program, they will be able to get at least 90% of it.  The rest is just hidden so well that it isn’t humanly possible to keep up with the definition updates that Pest Sweeper continues to run in the background.  The files that are not completely deleted are well-designed parasites that quickly repair themselves.

Spyzooka offers a combination that no other legitmate and reputable company can match.  We have a robot that constantly updates files and definitions.  If you have been infected with spyware, we delete it upon first scan most of the time.  If the problem persists, just upload the last scan and send it to us.  We guarantee 100% removal of Pest Sweeper and other programs like it within 24 hours.  When we send the newest update, your problem will cease—guaranteed.

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