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ezReward is a spyware program created by EZREWARDS from Korea, whose web page was at http://www.ezreward.co.kr/.  The web page is defunct, so it may be assumed that the company is, as well.

EzReward’s spyware status isn’t related to the advertisements it sends.  It sends shopping related pop-up advertisements, but these have no connection to spyware, and would actually qualify as adware.  It’s the fact that it downloads other malicious software on your computer that makes it spyware.

EzReward downloads the rogue security program known as DoctorVaccineZ.  A rogue security program is a form of the Trojan Blackmailer classification of spyware that generates a misleading security warning and offers to fix this false infection if you purchase their “full version.”  The full version is just a shell computer scanner which does not remove spyware, and you will continue to have spyware and adware problems until you remove it with a real antispyware program.

It is highly imperative that you remove ezReward and DoctorVaccineZ if you get infected.  These programs can cause a lot of performance issues with your computer and offer no real benefit.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the best program available to remove all adware and spyware infections.

Associated Files:
C:Documents and Settings[ USER ]Start MenuPrograms´ÚÅ͹é½Å´ÚÅ͹é½Å.lnk
C:Documents and Settings[ USER NAME ]Start MenuPrograms´ÚÅ͹é½Å´ÚÅ͹é½Å Á¦°Å.lnk
C:Program FilesErWindowErUtf.dll
C:Program FilesErWindowErData.dll
C:Documents and Settings[ USER ]Start MenuPrograms´ÚÅ͹é½ÅȨÆäÀÌÁö.url
C:Program FilesErWindowErWindow.dll
C:Program FilesErWindowErSQL.dll
C:Program FilesErWindowErWindow.exe
C:Documents and Settings[ USER NAME ]Start MenuPrograms´ÚÅ͹é½Å¶óÀ̼¾½º.url

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  1. Raul Sanchez says:

    I had no idea about what’s happening with my computer. I couldn’t open any page on the internet, because it redirected me to another one, something was asking me to scan and buy the license in order to delete all the viruses… I’ve decided to ask a friend about what should I do and he recommended me SpyZooka. Now I can see how good it is.

  2. Alexander Bishop says:

    I feel SpyZooka is fast, efficient, and a super easy to use software. A smooth runner even on a slow PC. It has saved me a few times by removing Trojans and malware.

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